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Who We Are: Technology, Solutions and Services company
What We Do: Develop Hardware, Software and Systems
Focus Areas: Development, Testing and System Integration


Product Development


Embedded Systems and Software


Application Software


Our Product Development team has 15+ years of experience in developing hardware and software products. Some of these products were developed for emerging markets and some were for OEM customers. 

We have the required expertise to support product companies in end-to-end product lifecycle activities including prototyping, requirements, architecture, design, development, manufacturing, roll-out, maintenance and end-of-life.
Typical engagements include new product development, value engineering, re-engineering of existing products for emerging markets, maintenance of existing and end-of-life products and others.


Our Embedded system design experience includes overall system architecture and sub-system design. We can assist you in partitioning the high and low speed hardware and the software components, including the development of a fully integrated solution. 

Our Embedded Software experience includes ASIC design, firmware, device drives, interfaces, operating systems, protocol stacks, file systems and Embedded Management solutions. We can help you develop, optimize and deploy your embedded software on different hardware platforms.


We offer custom software development, testing and automation and system integration services. By blending together right mix of local and global talent, we are able to offer differentiated services to customers in the areas of time-to-market, ownership, solution roadmap, cost optimization and others. 



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